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HAUS PA' SEFN. Holiday house in the magical atmosphere of the hamlet Sauris di Sopra.

We present you a house and four apartments that tell about the alchemy of hospitality.

Identical in the arrangement of spaces and amenities, but different in "spirit."

We renovated respectfully an old family house from the late 19th century, belonging to the grandfather Giuseppe, called "Sefn" in the dialect of Sauris.

Four  floors, one apartment each, that represent the body, the heart and the meditative mind:

the body, which is close to the ground and the roads, to take and leave.

the heart, which is protected and sentimental, dedicated to affections, representing the space of emotions.

the mind, with a breathtaking view, to reconcile meditation, reflection, or at least the momentary introspection with a clear mind.

You can choose. Or rely on discovery. 

Accommodation "Dolce Vita" Accommodation "Dolce Vita" see details
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